Trade offer Cook/Michel+Howard

Would you trade Michel and OJ Howard for Dalvin cook?

Redraft, standard scoring

Nope, Howard will be back in a few weeks and Cook is injury prone stick with Michal

I personally wouldn’t because I don’t trust Cook to stay healthy really at any point during the season, unless he takes like weeks off here and there, which is basically the same as not being healthy…he said he admits that he is not 100% and hasn’t been playing 100% so far. And the VIkings don’t really need him much to put up points. I would just avoid Cook altogether frankly. Michel offers the same upside imo - it’s the same type of offensive situation for each with 3 good WR’s and a good TE too, and a QB who is getting paid serious money to throw the ball…so both QB’s are gonna be throwing it a lot…obviously for Brady, but def the case for Cousins even if Cook comes back healthier. That’s why RB’s sucked in Washington too. Cousins is a ball hog.

Also, OJ Howard looks great when he gets targeted. Jameis should mesh well with his first really athletic, TE-sized target (Brate hasn’t counted bc he is not athletic like Howard). I know he’s out right now but will be back in 2-4 weeks only. I’d stick with what you have.

Thanks for the advice.

My thinking was that Cook will be more game script proof because he catches the ball well, White takes that opportunity from Michel. Also I think Brate has a better connection with Winston than Howard, particularly if he misses time. Would also have to stash Howard and play a TE. 16 team league so waivers are pretty bare anyway but still.

True about Cooks health though, I guess that’s what I wanted a temperature check on really

Don’t be surprised if Michel starts to get some targets as the season advances.