Trade offer. Depart from Winston?

Man this is my second time in the forums this week for another league but this time my cash keeper ppr one.

Someone in my league just lost Watson and wants Winston for Sammy Watkins. The rest of Watkins schedule looks good. But my other qb is Tyrod Taylor who I picked up two weeks ago. Should I take the Trade? I was thinking about doing a counter offer. Maybe get Morris, Nelson, or Richardson. Offer him Winston with Jackson, Garcon, or Gore?

This one’s a tough one for me. Any advice helps. I can list out players if needed. Trying to help a 2-6 team but at the same time stay above waters with my 4th out of 12 team spot.

Bump? I could really use the help!

I have no faith in Watkins…I wouldn’t do it. As of right now would you feel good starting him any week?

Yeah I guess your right. More than likely I wouldn’t. I want to counter but not sure for who.

If your comfortable with your roster to give up a garçon or djax for Morris id make that trade just remember he’s more than likely gone week 15