Trade Offer (DeVonta Smith + picks for Cam Akers)

Another owner in a 12 team Dynasty League (1 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex) has offered me Cam Akers for the following. Would you take it? I feel like my team is loaded at WR and weak at RB so I am considering the offer seriously.

Cam Akers for Devonta Smith + 2022 1st round pick + 2022 2nd round pick + 2023 1st round pick. Both are on cheap rookie contracts so price isn’t any advantage or issue.

Here is my current off-season roster.
QB: Josh Allen
RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Damien Harris
RB: Zack Moss
WR: Stephon Diggs
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Brandon Aiyuk
TE: Noah Fant
Flex: Ceedee Lamb

Tua Tagovailoa
Tony Pollard
Hunter Henry
Blake Jarwin
Devonta Smith

That’s way too much to give up.

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After reading the title of this post I was expecting I’d favor the Akers side. I really like Akers. Prior to last year’s draft I saw him as the 3rd best RB in that loaded 2020 class behind Taylor & Swift. I’m also not as sold as many are on Smith (not that he can’t be a great fantasy asset, but his physical profile makes his fantasy upside more landing spot / scheme dependent than guys like Chase or Bateman in my opinion). And I do see how the ages of many of the studs on your roster place you in a window where it would make sense to go hard after the couple RB upgrades that could push you over the top.

With all that said, I think this is too steep of a price. Given that Smith is already on your team, I’m guessing you have some type of rookie draft where you’re allowed to draft ahead (take players who have not declared for the upcoming NFL Draft / will play additional season(s) in college). So the specifics of that set-up might change how I assess the value of these picks. If, however, the 2023 pick is strictly for 2023 draft-eligible players, I would not give away that 1st rounder in this deal. The ’23 class appears more loaded with top-end talent than either ’21 or ’22.

Bottom Line: If you’re really willing to deal all of those assets, I’d at least make that known to your entire league to try and get more than just one RB out of it. Even if he is a young stud.

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I appreciate your response! You are correct. We have a “scout pick” that we use during the rookie draft that allows us to pick one college player the year before the college season. If and when they declare for the NFL draft they become our player. I agree that D. Smith plus the picks was too much. I have countered with the following offer…

2022 1st Round Pick (when looking at this class of players I am not overly excited)
2022 Scout Pick
2023 1st Round Pick (Not my only #1 pick but one I acquired in an earlier deal)
Zach Moss

Still a haul for Cam Akers but I protected DeVonta Smith from going anywhere, still have my own 2023 1st Round Pick and I think upgraded my RB situation so that I have a shot to compete for the title in 2022.