Trade offer dynasty Kamara

Kamara, Murray and Dak

Josh Jacobs, 1.04 and 2.01

Which would you prefer

I’m leaning the Kamara side. Dad and Murray are two great young QB’s and Kamara is a top 5. Jacobs is looking a great career as well and the 1.04 is tempting but 2.01 is a crap shoot. just my thoughts

Sorry. Latavius Murray

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well that does change things some. with that I’m more likely to roll with the Jacobs side. is this a 1 qb PPR league?
Kamara is a great pass catcher and has had more than 75 receptions every year. Jacobs should improve in the pass catching game but probably never to that extent. is this a linear rookie draft?

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I would do the deal. Depending on how deep your league is, I love trading away QBs high because the drop off to one I will pick up or get in another trade is not that much. Plus the 2.1 may be burrow. I like getting younger while the difference between kamara and jacobs is not drastic for me. Plus you still have the 1.4 to improve your lineup or give depth where you need it.

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Finding out it s LattyMo I would make that trade without concern. I like Kamara, but I also like Jacobs. I think it could be a push for one over the other TBH, particularly if they let Jacobs catch anything this year. They might not, but the upside is there.

Moving a QB for value, unless this is a SF league, is always worth it IMHO. I am on the Dak train, but I’d move him for either those picks straight up. LattyMo is a non-factor in this trade. Plus, as you know, it ties him up with a single backfield. I try to avoid that if I can.

Those picks are icing on the deal. If it were me, I’d make that move before it goes away.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

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