Trade offer dynasty

I have no RB depth and our league starts 2 plus flex option



Carlos Hyde
Dion Lewis
Aaron Jones
David Njoku
2019 1st

Is this enough

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Ehh. risky.

and not enough IMO.

Hyde might get time shared and phased out. Jones will for sure get time shared with Williams and Monty.

then your looking at Lewis vs Henny . ugh

I know you want depth but honestly for Gurley you need solid RB1/2 replacement in the mix and not a bunch of time shares and 2 guys from the browns. Don’t get me wrong that’s a bunch of talent I would just want a for sure thing tossed in there.

Like if you swapped out Hyde someone who is getting placed around the 40’s for rankings for RB with another 20’s guy like Lewis Id feel better about it. Ajay\Coleman\Henry\Colins\Howard

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yeash. you get a lot of players, which is nice. but they are all kinda yucky. do you literally only have gurley?

but lets break this down.

Hyde: gets hurt a lot, on a new team, going to be a committee with 3 backs

Lewis: has a lot of potential, should get a good share that fits his skillset, gets hurt a lot

Jones: committee backfield. should make the team, no one has a clue how much he will be invovled if at all.

Njoku: young, talented, one year closer to the TE breakout year. no idea how he gets targets with laundry, gordon, coleman, and duke there. BONUS-baker loved throwing to his TE mark andrews.

not a single one of them is locked in for any real production. njoku and lewis are the closest, but even then its not all that close. although i do believe in lewis if he stays healthy. now, lets break down the gurley side.

Gurley: its Todd motha fuckin Gurley.

i just keep gurley and scrap heap it up. suffer for one year, but keep your stallion.

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This is a classic throw a bunch of guys who will situation-ally contribute for a guy who wins weeks. 4 pizzas with pineapple on them are not better than one meat lovers with ranch dip.


that… that was beautiful…

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Throw enough players in there and any trade can look “fair” on paper. If I’m trading away Gurley, I’d expect to get at least one, if not two, RB1s back, obviously of lower caliber. Something like Melvin Gordon + Freeman isn’t out of the realm of asking too much. I mean you’re giving up the #1 running back off the board.


If you’re that desperate, get a couple of your promising players and picks. That package doesn’t help at all.

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