Trade offer for juju

I am desperately thin at RB with Gordon, Howard, Cohen and my WRs are Juju, Hill, Cooper. It’s full PPR League, 1 flex.

Was offered a pick 2 deal for Juju with choices between: Sony, Mack, Kerryon.


Sony and Kerryon is what I would do. Both will get their touches and are extremely effective. Though, I would see if you could get it done with Hill instead, or maybe a Cooper Kupp and Cohen for two of those guys.

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Sony and Kerryon is the easy choice. I would rather trade Cooper straight for Kerryon or Cooper and something else for Kerryon though.

Yeah take Mack out of the equation and look to deal kupp for kerryon if you can. If he doesn’t agree kupp for sony and pray Gordon returns

Other team is a cooper hater. Tried doing Cooper straight for Sony but he shot it down. I’d prefer to do this deal with Hill instead of Juju if I do it. So let’s switch it to Hill for Kerryon and Sony. Would guys pull the trigger?


Yes I would! You still have Juju and Cooper

I honestly think Hill is better, but it’s personal preference at that point I think

I would trade Hill instead of Juju if possible because you have Cooper as well. Juju is more consistent than Hill, and I’d hate to have my top two WRs be boom/bust guys. Granted Hill’s busts are still low end WR2 numbers usually, but I’d rather steady the ship with Juju.