Trade offer for Kamara

So a person in our league who’s new to fantasy is offering to trade Kamara for Goff. I have two issues with this, first i don’t want to CLEARLY take advantage of someone to get a top player at a position (my other RBs are McCaffrey , Hunt, D. Murray, Martin, and Perine), and second I don’t have another QB on my roster so I’d have to make a trade for a qb or work the waiver wire. What would you guys do

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shit this is a no brainer, take it and trade someone else for a QB

Oh yeah i know it’s an easy trade, but I just don’t feel right taking advantage of a newcomer like that.

Well lol okay dont take it

I’d explain to him why qbs aren’t as valuable as RBS and the try and make a trade. Assuming he will be in the league in the future it will improve the quality of the league. Also means he won’t make dodgy deals with others of you reject