Trade offer for Luck in SF Dynasty

2nd year of a 10-man half-PPR Superflex league and i’m trying to solidify my QB’s by acquiring Luck.

Current roster is as follows:
QB: Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Joe Flacco
RB: Melvin Gordom, Marlon Mack, Kerryon Johnson, Derrius Guice, Devonta Freeman, Mike Davis, CJ Anderson
WR: OBJ, Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, Corey Davis, Courtland Sutton, Robby Anderson, John Brown, Antonio Callaway
TE: Hunter Henry, OJ Howard, Mike Gesicki, Tyler Eifert

The offer is Winston + Kerryon + A-Rob + CJ Anderson for Andrew Luck + 2.4 pick
Do you think it’s fair, below expectations or an overpay?

It’s not bad but probably not enough. I wouldn’t sell Luck for that.

Depending on rosters/requirements, I’d need to be heavily incentivised to drop from Luck to Winston.

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If you can get Luck for JUST that, do it in a heartbeat. You’re not giving up much in all honesty. KJ isn’t a lock by any means to be an RB1 stud for the foreseeable future. Winston isn’t a lock to succeed (he really should be in the Arians system). A-Rob and CJA are just cannon fodder

I’m relatively new to 2QB/Superflex. When I first saw this offer I thought it was clearly the Winston side. However after doing some research it does appear that the Luck side has greater value. Luck is a first round startup value. The other pieces are outside of ADP 45.

That said, just how feasable is it to trade Luck in a 2QB/Superflex and get first round value? For example, if I want to trade Barkley or Zeke in a 1QB league it’s relatively easy to get value in return. Is the same true for Luck in a multi QB format?

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I guess in a 10 team the QB value comes down a tad, but the stud value goes up.

As for getting value, it seems to vary wildly by league as to how QBs are valued. That said, if I’m not getting value for my stud QB, I’m not selling low purely because he’s a QB and the league devalues them.

If I’m the other guy and you ask me about Luck then I want OBJ/ Gordon or at least Ryan involved.

For reference, I got Juju for My Wilson in my league.

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