Trade offer for Mark Andrews

Full ppr league

I need an RB after losing Saquon and I had one of the guys in my league reach out to me for Mark Andrews, he’s hurting at TE right now

He has Taylor, Connor, Carson as his RBs and Dionte Johnson, Edelman, Hopkins and Adams as his WRs

My RBS: Barkley, Aaron Jones, Swift, Moss, Snell

Which RB should I go for? I was thinking Taylor and Johnson for Andrews and Fuller

I can pick up Gesicki

bump up for advice plz

You can try but I doubt you can get both Taylor and Johnson, not to mention just Taylor. I would target Connor (less hype) so you have the Pitt backfield and gauge their interest. Can you try Swift and Andrews, still may not be enough? I doubt they’ll just give up a RB given the injuries and scarcity at the position.

@jrfearr He actually agreed on Taylor and Johnson for Andrews and Marvin Jones. waiting on him to accept