Trade offer for Mccaffery and Philip Lindsay?

I was offered Cooper Kupp and James white for Mccaffery and Philip Lindsay. On paper looking at my team and his it seems to be one of those weird trades where both sides benefit about equally. He needs rbs with his top 2 being gurley and freeman while i need a true wr 1 with my best being Sanders Baldwin and Enunwa. This is a full point ppr league, let me know what you think of this trade.
my lineup
qb Dalton
rb1 M Gordon
rb2 Mccaffery
wr1 Sanders
wr2 Enunwa
te Kittle
Flex Yeldon
bench : Lindsay, K Cole, Collins, Mccoy, Shepard, Baldwin, A Jones

I would not trade CMC for Kupp. I own Kupp and I offered him for Sony Michel and got rejected. CMC > Michel (right now). Also James white will see less work after this week now that edelman is back.

He has Michael Thomas and Devante Adams also would you be more inclined to do that trade instead?

do what trade? He wont give you both of those guys for CMC and Lindsay and if he does I would take it and run lol

This trade is a joke. James white is going to be worth nothing more than a bench stash come weeks 9-10.

Kupp is WR2 and I love him but CMC is a locked and loaded RB1 with great floor and ceiling and Lindsay is an every week starter.

Sorry for the confusion, i meant either wr and White not both wrs.