Trade offer for Melvin Gordan and Hogan

Just got offered Saquon Barkley, Diggs, and Cooks for Melvin Gordon and Hogan, whatcha guys think?

My RBs: Gordon, Mixon, McCaffery, Alex Collins, Peyton Barber, Alfred Morris
My WRs: Julio Jones, Hogan, Sanders, Agholor, Crabtree, Keelan Cole

10 team league, Standard

Take it my friend… Diggs by far better than Hogan, cooks will prolly be a 1000 yd WR this year, Barkley overall best RB rookie easily in an offense that needed a bell cow for the team to do something. And asked the same question to a Fantasy football roommate and said " Without a question take it!"

Yup take that trade immediately. No explanation necessary.

Good value there, the fact you get an RB1 back for an RB1 plus those WR upgrades is a great deal and makes your roster loaded do it!

UPDATE: I traded him McCaffery and Crabtree for Saquon Barkley and Diggs


What in the world?! That’s even better. Congrats!