Trade offer for OBJ 1/2 PPR

I am wanting to trade for OBJ. I’m going to offer Kerryon Johnson and Amari Cooper for him. I was wondering if you were on the OBJ side would you trade for him. If not the deal I have who would you want not encluding Gronk or Saquon.

My Team:
QB: K. Cousins
RB: S. Barkley
RB: S. Michel
WR: W. Fuller
WR: A. Cooper
TE: R. Gronk
BN: K. Johnson
BN: A. Jones
BN: L. McCoy
BN: J. Edelman
BN: M. Jones jr

His Team
QB: D. Watson
RB: C. Thompson
RB: K. Drake
WR: O. Beckham
WR: K. Golladay
TE: E. Engram
BN: L. Fournette
BN: N. Chubb
BN: S. Shepard
BN: K. Stills
BN: C. Davis

That isn’t even in the right area code for OBJ.

To be honestly with you, I don’t really think you have the fire power to go after OBJ without basically blowing up your roster. It’s not really worth it.

Would probably take like Kerryon + Jones/Michel + Fuller/Cooper.

Also not sure why you really want OBJ. Stacking Barkley and OBJ is just not ideal. The Giants suck and the chances of both players blowing up on a weekly basis is pretty low.