Trade Offer For the 1.01 Dynasty

I have recently adopted an orphan dynasty fantasy team that is in rough shape. I was just offered Ty Hilton, his 1.11 and his 1st rounder next year for my pick 1.01. His team is probably around middle of the pack. Since I’m rebuilding, do I make this trade? My Roster…

QB: Roethlisberger, McCown
RB: Clement, Martin, Char West, Lynch, Kasen Williams
WR: Fitz, Saunders, Funchess, Ginn, Ryan Grant, Albert Wilson, Terrance Williams, Brandon Coleman, Edelman
TE: Gronk, Olsen

Since his first rounder is 1.11, his first rounder next year probably won’t be that high. normally, I would take the 2 picks and Hilton if I was rebuilding, but since Barkley is already projected so high near the top 10, I would keep the 1.01.


pick barkley and look for other deals!

@JarekF21 I’ve been offering my older guys like Gronk, Roth, and Fitz but just can’t seem to get any bites. Been trying to get picks. Might just start asking for young players with little playing time that might have the potential later on ( D’onta Foreman for example)

Foreman is now a pretty big risk with an early career achilles tear.

How many teams are in the league? 16? Because that roster is munted. The more teams the more inclined I would be to keep the 1.01. Top tier players are worth more the more teams are in the league.

You can’t fix this in one draft. So I would go after some heir apparent (potentially) guys that you could pick up in this draft that will probably see you struggle this year, which you will anyway, but have defined roles they have had a year to learn later.

Guys like Ian Thomas, Chrstian Kirk, Ito Smith, Chase Edmonds, Jaylen Samuels. Besides Kirk you should be able to pick these kind of guys up late.

So you end up playing these guys most of the year:

Barkley, Lynch, Clement
Fitz, Sanders, Funchess, Wilson, Gin
Gronk, Olsen

It’s not completely awful. You’ll end up with another high pick next year and hopefully been able to stash some of those up-side replacement guys. A couple hit and you are well on your way with the rebuild.

I would say if his pick this year was in the middle of the pack then maybe but since its at the back of the 1st most (if not all) of the top RB’s from this year will be gone and the top 2-3 WR’s so i would stand pat. Maybe see about trading back from the 2.01 to get multiple picks if you can.

I’d take Barkley and see what you can get after. Your team needs depth. So I would treat him as an Elliot type hull in return. I would try and get two weekly starters and a next year pick.

this is one of those rare times that i say dont sell unless you get a mountain. in a true rebuild, you start by getting top end players. having a bunch of middle guys wont win you games. so you need to get something substantial to jump start your team. added bonus, the name barkley will sell before season starts. the 1.01 doesnt have the ring to it that barkely does. believe it or not, that does make a difference. so take your top potential guy, and hope that you can get your middle guys later on so that you have something to get you consistent points to go with the boom of barkley. i recently traded the 1.01, but that was because i got it in a trade before we knew what picks were what, and what i got stabilized my team for a few years. so i say keep it, and keep barkley.

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