Trade Offer for Tyreek Hill

I would be getting Devante Adams for Tyreek Hill. I already have Aj Green as my Wr1. Should I pull the trigger on this trade? PLEASE HELP FOOTCLAN!

NO way, dont do it. I had Tykeek the freak last year and he won me trophies…some with money.
I think Watkins is a decoy and it Tyreek all the wy to the RZ!!!

A Rodgers hobbled a bit first game…and excellent wr corps around him. KC has Tyreek the freak!!!

Bad trade dont do

Accept that trade quickly before the guy comes to his senses. Hill is a boom bust guy… Adams and Rodgers are things dreams are made of. Adams has a floor of WR10 maybe even higher where as Hill will have huge weeks and awful weeks. take the safety of Adams.


If I knew rodgers was for sure going to be healthy, it’s close but I might lean adams. But with Rodgers in rehab and Tyreek proving my analysis of him wrong every single week, this is a lot closer for me. The only thing that would make me want to say yes here, is having AJ green and Tyreek Hill as my WRs makes me sweat. Those are two heavy boom/bust type WRs. Adams would give you a higher floor. He’s not going to single handedly win you a week, but he won’t lose you one. He’s pretty consistent.

Depends on how your RBs look. If you have a really good floor with your RBs, I might hold and wait to see if Rodgers is healthy.

EDIT: Adams was also injured in the Sunday night game. Apparently, he has also not showed up for practice. I might hold off on this one man. We all gotta adapt during the season. I was wrong on Hill and I am happy to admit it. In the words of the GOAT, be like water my friend.

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I definitely would not do it. Last year I agree Hill was boom or bust, but with Mahomies I think you’re going to be getting a lot more BOOM this year. #KEEPTHEFREAK


Rogers being hobbled does scare me a little but I have Adams and i wouldnt trade him for Tyreek. I’m sure Tyreek is going to have a few more blow up games which will make him look decent at the end of the year but through out the season I would bet he’s going to be pretty inconsistent. I think Adams has the safer floor and has just as much of a chance for the blow up 3 TD games. Dont tilt to much off what you see in week 1.

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Not even close for me, Hill could be the #1 WR, Adams will not be. Right now Hill’s value is so high you could get more. Don’t do it.

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I’m shopping Hill everywhere, I can’t get much else for him Adams was a 2nd rd pick and Hill was a 4th.

My Rbs are David Johnson and Kareem Hunt. Keeper league,

seriously, don’t do this…

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I’m sitting on it right now. lol I love Tyreek Hill but he does have boom/bust potential every week.

I’m sitting on it right now. lol I love Tyreek Hill but he does have boom/bust potential every week.

he’s boom or bust, but not as much as he was last year with the every other week sort of deal.
this year he has a QB that can let him loose… Tyreek was my guy this year, and he slipped through my fingers in the draft :sob:

I was ecstatic when he fell to me in the 4th rd. Could not believe it. I think I will decline and hope for another big game so I can try to get a player like Hopkins.

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He went at the start of the third in my draft, I couldn’t believe it.

In my league I tried to trade for him, but the owner wanted my DeAndre… nope.

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This is unlikely. Most people know what Hopkins is worth. But I don’t know your league. If its competitive and people know what they’re doing, Hill for Hopkins is probably not in the cards.

Lol yeah, I’ve been trying the past 3 days to get Hopkins but the dude won’t do it. I don’t blame him. Also targeting Mike Thomas, Odell Beckham, and AB. Anyone else I should look at?

Also would you consider packaging Hill and Green for Odell or anyone of those Wrs?

I do have Kenny Golladay, Demaryius Thomas, Phillip Dorsett.

MT/OBJ/AB/Hopkins are all well above Hill. He could have 2 consecutive 200 yard games tomorrow, you still wouldn’t get any of those guys from someone who knows what they are doing. So it’s no surprise they all say no. Especially the AB owner.

I’m the number 1 OBJ fan and I don’t think you can really afford to do Hill and Green for OBJ. Cause thne your starters are OBJ/DT. Doing WR for WR trades are pretty meaningless. You could try and do like Hill + Kenny G for like a Keenan Allen I guess.