Trade offer from jump street

2 minutes after the draft closes I get this:

Giving up: Aaron Rodgers
Receiving: Chris Godwin, Deshaun Watson

I can drop Ingram and I’ve got Breeze and Wilson (Don’t ask)

12 Team league, FPPR

Opinions? Too early to drop Rodgers? Feels weird.


You give up the best QB in the NFL and get…two guys on the same bad team, (not a good thing) one of whom has potential but will require patience, while the other is aging rapidly.

And you plan to drop Ingram, who could be a huge help when it counts the most, in order to accommodate these guys?

I wouldn’t…


@saturnismine is giving you good counsel, heed it

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Watson is Texas. Godwin is Tampa

I could’ve sworn the original post said “Jackson” not “Watson.”

Well that changes things, doesn’t it?

But still…I don’t do this. Watson could be great, but we’re basing this on a small sample size. Over the course of the year, he is not going to maintain the level of play he achieved before going down last year. So this trade is based on the idea that he and Rodgers are basically equivalents, with Watson being a slight downgrade, which is acknowledged in the inclusion of the unproven Godwin. Why give up Rodgers to take on all that risk?

Also, if Ingram is the guy you’re dropping to take on those players, then your team is either stacked (and you don’t need the trade) or you’re using poor judgement. Like I said above, Ingram could be a huge help to you in November. Keep him stashed and be patient with him.

I still don’t do this.

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@saturnismine. Thanks for the advice. I’m not stacked and picked up Ingram because I knew he can produce. I think the guy just took a shot in the dark at the league newbie. No plans to take the trade. I AM stacked in QBs due to some autopicks that happened when I was chasing the kid. Wilson, marriota, Breese and Rodgers. Its actually quite rediculous!

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It sounds like you need to trade some QBs away. Is this a 2 QB league?