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Trade Offer - Give Up to RBs for Evans


I lost Odell this week and was offered this trade:

I give:
J Howard
T Coleman

I get:
M Evans
T Riddick
(I want to counter for Kamara??)

my other rbs:
Fournette, Martin, Henry, Breida

my wrs:
Crabtree, Watkins, Funchess, Snead, Golladay (who I will prob drop this week for a FA)


Is this league a PPR?


yes - PPR - full point


Counter for kamara and then definately do it


either way id do it


Only other (smaller thing) to consider is that its a keepers league. and I would only lose a 15th round pick for Howard next year.


how many do you keep


2 players.


ya try for kamara but id still do it i think

you would keep evans and fournette and id be happy to do that myself