Trade offer: Goff for Sanders

I was offered Goff for Emanuel Sanders.

I have Tyreek Hill and Geronimo Allison.

I just pulled of a trade for Le’Veon Bell in my league, so if I can survive until he returns, I will somehow be sporting both Bell and Gurley in a 14 team league.

I also have Mark Ingram so I am not too worried on the RB front, just know I would have a more balanced team and stop having to use band-aid QBs to survive the season if I landed Goff.

Is it worth it? I can post more info on my team if necessary. Thanks for any and all help footclan!

I have Goff myself, and definitely not trading him away any time soon! He’s a top 10 QB right now, if not top 5 in my books, just solid and a consistent performer.

Since you already have Tyreek Hill, I wouldn’t worry too much about giving up Emmanuel Sanders for now if you can gain a solid QB(although you really do need another reliable WR).

Could you try and package deal here? Give up Emmanuel Sanders and a RB to grab Goff and a decent WR? You might be able to kill two birds with one stone in a trade like that, good QB and boost WR group

Allison I believe is out with a concussion.

So if you have no other optinos than the Hill and Alli you may need to reconsider.