Trade Offer help! Hopkins + Thielen

Thinking about sending this offer to the hopkins owner.

Adam Thielen and Chris Carson for Hopkins and Josh Jacobs.
He orignally sent me Lev Bell and Thielen for Hopkins, Scary Terry, and chris thompson but I declined that.

Do you think he will take this trade? he also has mark ingram and fournette for RBs and is very slim at wr right now with hopkins, ridley, scary terry and shepherd.

my team:
QB: Lamar Jackson
RBS: Lev Bell, Gurley, Chris Carson, David Montegomry, Singletary, penny
WRs: Thielen, Robert Woods, Mike Williams, DJax, John Brown
TE: Everrt, Mark Andrews

bump up for advice

I do see it as an upgrade at WR then it’s really just depends on how you see Jacobs RoS. I mean he did great against the Bears but idk if that will continue.

i am 1-4 sadly, but everyone else in my divison is 2-3 and 1 person 3-2. would you do this trade or no?

Being 1 - 4 Theilen and Carson have a good matchup this week that can help you win. But this might be the week Hopkins gives his draft stock return