Trade offer help- upside!?

I have been offered a trade
I receive Tyler Boyd and let Matt breida go the other way

My rbs
Zeke,Barkley,singleterry,Damien Williams,sanders,ekeler,breida

My wrs

Who has better upside

take it. Brieda may be slightly better in the long run, but Coleman is taking over in SF (Niners fan). But you could use the WR depth over the RB depth

Thanks was thinking that breida won’t have TD opportunities with Coleman back

Do love his work though

oh yeah, love the guy, but we’ll be leaning a bit more on Coleman, and will have more pass-heavy matchups the rest of the season I think

i agree, Boyd is the man in that offense till Green is back and last week proved it unless Breida busts a 10+yd TD those goal line carries will be Coleman’s