Trade Offer Help Week 6

Im currently in a 10 man league and got offered Kamara and OBJ for Ingram, Ridley, and josh Jacobs. Is this a far trade? My main team currently consists of Watson, Lockett, Gallup,Elliot, Kerryion, Hooper, Zuerlein and the guys I would trade.

Take Josh Jacobs or Ridley out of the equation.

If you’re getting Kamara and OBJ and giving up Ingram + one of the others it’s worth it. I think Ingram has had his boom weeks and he’s not going to have many more like his early games. Then Jacobs is slightly more valuable than Ridley.

Kamara is a great pickup. When the Browns figure out what they’re trying to do OBJ will be good.

I would take it. You get the best two players in the trade