Trade offer! Help

TE Will dissley is out.

Offered #1 TE Hooper
For either dalvin cook or christian McCaffrey

Should I accept?

Yes. Do this. Get Hooper. Trade both CMC and Cook if you have to.

Ummmmm… What?

If this is legit, please do not trade CMC or Cook for a TE. I get Hooper is doing great but you can’t make that move.

Brian…you sarcasm sucks…

Would need to see your team but they’re clearly trying to take advantage of a panicking owner.
Don’t panic, don’t accept that trade. DO try and get another TE with your depth though (to the (2) TE teams in your league).
Or get something in return if you feel the need to do the hooper trade (Hooper and Carson and Dalvin - Not exactly that but as an example)