Trade Offer....Help

I was offered David Johnson and Adam Humpharies in exchange for Cooper Kupp and Dalvin Cook.
My current team is: Matt Ryan, Marlon Mack, AP, Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Jimmy Graham, Cooper Kupp with my bench consisting of Brandon Cooks, Jordan Howard, Dalvin Cook…
Should I accept this to make my rbs better

Wouldn’t do it. If Cook is healthy he is just as good as Johnson rest of the year.

Kupp way better than Humphries. Maybe see if he will give you a better WR if you are looking to make the change.

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Wasnt really worried about the wr because I have Brandon Cooks. In my league we have 2rb, 2wr, 1flex so Brandon cooks is on my bench atm which is why i was trying to trade one of my receivers to better my rb

Sorry I missed that. Johnson has a good schedule coming up and with the new O.C seems to be getting more looks.

I know he has been getting targets but not a big fan of Humphries but seems like a fair tradeal.

I like DJs schedule but I think I’d still rather have your running back AND WR. Cook is a great running back on a great offense.

DJ is an Elite RB but on a terrible offense.

At most I think that’s about even.

Kupp for Humphries isn’t even close IMO

I understand Kupp for Humpharies but I have Brandon Cooks stashed on my bench so I would be replacing Kupp with Brandon Cooks, and adding DJ to my rbs

I agree if Cook is now 100 percent healthy it is pretty close with an edge to Cook in my opinion.

Arizona is a dumpster fire.

Old Team:
Matt Ryan
Marlon Mack
AP (Dalvin Cook when healthy)
Michael Thomas
Mike Evans
Flex: Kupp


New Team:
Matt Ryan
David Johnson
Marlon Mack
Michael Thomas
Mike Evans
Flex: Brandon Cook

Which is better

I think that’s where I was confused. I think cooks is better or at least on par wit kupp.

If you value kupp higher, and I don’t hate that assumption, I would trade to trade cooks instead. I think his value is higher cause of his name and I would aim higher

You seem like you want the Johnson side so go for it.

Can you squeeze them for better than Humphries.

I don’t like that trade for you at all. But I get the idea behind it.

If anything I would target the Lindsey owner and try to get something 1 for 1 with a WR that you are willing to let go of

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Personally I think Cooks is def better than kupp. But like @paivaflav said, if you value kupp higher you should def try to trade cooks. he has more trade value for sure and you can get a better rb then DJ

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