Trade offer: his DJ and Gallup for my B. Cooks and White?

Received offer in 16 team PPR league, his David Johnson and Michael Gallup or Courtland Sutton for my Brandin Cooks and James White. I already have Kyler Murray and Christian Kirk. I’d hVe DJ and Fournette at RB and Hopkins Gallup or Sutton and John Brown at WRs. Should I accept?

If I’m commish of this league I kill this deal. David Johnson is a first round pick. Brandon Cooks and James White is not close to enough value for DJ. Expect league bitching if this goes through.

I actually think that this deal is closer than people would think. james White should expect very similar usage from last year and people are getting off of him way too quickly without digging for information. This is a PPR league and you are getting two studs in that category. DJ has a good amount of risk tied to him. Is he the same back that we remember from a while ago? He looks a tad sluggish on his runs and that offense, revamped or not, depends on that offensive line. Brandon Cooks is a stud WR. Gallup could surprise, but they don’t throw enough and Sutton, I am out on.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do here. I might accept the offer and try to flip DJ in another package, but I probably stay put if I were you

Other owner got commish to OK the trade, so if there are complaints, probably won’t make a difference. So accept?

I’d accept. DJ will be getting targets for sure. I like Gallup as well this year. its Definitely closer than people make it out to be.

Assuming this redraft, any time you can get ahold of two top 10 picks, you should try to make it work. I’d take Sutton over Gallup

I would accept the deal. Also the commish shouldn’t have any reason to veto, I prefer the Johnson side, but it isn’t like this is a ridiculous trade

lol yes. Why would anyone not want david johnson