Trade offer: Hopkins/OJ for Ingram/Hooper

My current team: Watson, Lamar Jackson, Chubb, DJ, Ingram, Breida, Watkins, Boyd, Samuel, Diggs, Kelce, Hooper. 10 team PPR. I am 1-3. Each team I’ve played has put up their best score of the year, so a bit unlucky.

Your team is great, but, you don’t have a WR1. So I would absolutely be looking to move Hooper and I would be looking to move one of your QB’s as well. I wouldn’t give up Ingram if you can help it, try to keep your RB depth. I would be looking at QB/TE needy teams and try to go for their underperforming WR’s. Hopkins is perfect, I would see if they’d be willing to accept something else that isn’t your 3rd best RB. You’ve gotten very unlucky so far in the scoring so I wouldn’t be handicapping your RB depth for a starting WR.

Solid analysis… I’ve been shopping Lamar Jackson with no takers yet. Hoping the bye weeks will force someone’s hand.