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Trade Offer Hunt For Olsen


I’d be Recieving Olsen I’m sitting with fleener as my best option at TE…still have Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, Zeke,Woodhead etc at RB…thoughts? Im feeling likes it’s a no brainer with the depth I have at RB but wanted second opinion!


I do love Olsen but personally I’d keep the depth at the toughest roster spot to have it and I’m assuming it’s not TE premium, if Hunts season goes to plan you can trade him later for way way more. Fleener should be fine especially with Snead out early but if not you’ll find a cheaper TE who does a similar job somewhere along the line.


Appreciate The Input Thanks!


I agree while yes it stinks to have to sit someone good like Hunt. But he has such great upside getting just Olsen for him seems like a rip off.


Yeah I’d call it a no-go especially with Snead out.


Hard pass. I think Hunt could be a real difference maker. Stream TE, if you have to. It can be done effectively.


Appreciate It Guys Thanks