Trade offer I just received

I just received a trade offer, I trade away Stefon Diggs and CJ Anderson and get Julio and Derrick Henry in return. My RB’s currently are as follows, Ty Montgomery, Hyde, Lynch, Ingram, Abdullah. And my WR’s are as follows; AJ Green, Odell, and DeVante Parker. This seems like a no-brainer no?

Yes, that is a no brainer

I would stay put, you’re already solid at WR and your RBs looks like it could use Anderson

Anderson is the best sell high candidate in the entire NFL. He looks great for a few games every year or two, but has literally never had more than 850 rushing yards in a season (college included). Technically he’s never even had 850, his career high is 849, but I think we can round that up :slight_smile:

Diggs is also a great sell high candidate. Julio is a buy low candidate and a top 6-7 overall talent.

Diggs is a poor mans Julio. low floor high ceiling. I agree wtih DFWB. CJ looks great for a bit but always falls off the deep end due to injury or poor performance. this is the highest CJs value will get. And I think Henry will eventually start this year honestly, because Demarco is dealing with a hamstring injury (which he has had SO many times and always misses time, take it from a Dallas fan).

I have no idea if Henry will start or not (I certainly hope so, I drafted him extensively), but the possibility definitely gives a this trade a ton of upside. Even if he doesn’t, I think he has stand alone value. I think he’s the clock killer and will get work every week anyway.