Trade offer including Pat Mahomes and Davante Adams!

Hello all!

Giving up Adams and Mark Andrews to get Mahomes and Miles Sanders.

Sanders isn’t great but I have a little hope he’ll grow into a better back as he matures in the system. Mahomes is obviously Mahomes.

My issue here is that I have no other TE on my bench. I’m in a 10 man league where people love to hoard TE for some reason. Andrews is very valuable here in my opinion. My roster is currently:

QB: Brissett
RB: A. Jones
RB: K. Johnson
WR: M. Thomas
WR: D. Adams
TE: Andrews
Flex: Godwin (must start here)

My bench include Coleman and James white. Kirk, Tate, Jackson, and Dorsett round up the bench for my WR’s. What do I do here? Mahomes is great but I feel I’m not getting enough back to make this worth my time.

This is tough because you’re getting THE QB1 in Mahomes, but you’re potentially giving up THE WR1 in Adams which seems to be at least Top 5 if he picks up where he left off against Philly. You do however have MT and Godwin so I think you can take the hit at WR. Ultimately, if you believe that Mahomes will go for 5000 and 50 again then I’d make the trade because of your WR depth.

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