Trade offer I've been struggling with

12 team 1.0 PPR (1 QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 1 FLEX 1 K IDP)

What do you guys think of:
Leonard Fournette
Ted Ginn Jr
Stefon Diggs
Ameer Abdullah

My team as it stands is
QB - Trevor Semian, Alex Smith
WR - Demaryius Thomas, T.Y. Hilton, Sterling Shepard, Ted Ginn Jr, Mike Williams
RB - Melvin Gordon, Leonard Fournette, Demarrco Murray, Theo Riddick, Frank Gore, Alex Collins
TE - Jared Cook
K - Matt Bryant

Talks of this trade has been going on for awhile and I was on the side of not going through with it, but I was looking for advice on the value of Diggs vs other wr options. My running backs are pretty stacked and in a 3 wr league I feel it would be more useful to have 3 good wr and 2 good rb and then just stream my flex then have to plug demarrco murray into my flex every week and find a wr to plug in as the third every week. There are some people who are very high on Stefon Diggs and some who think he won’t end as a WR1 by the end of the year, what are your guys thoughts? Is this a pretty good trade based on my team or could I get better value for fournette? The team that owns Diggs also owns OBJ, Dez, and Hopkins if any of those would be better options (and yes I already tried to get obj but he wouldn’t bite :wink: )

Thanks again for any advice!

I think that Diggs will finish the year as a WR1/HIGH end WR 2 so I think he’s probably the most realistic target on that team for you to actually be able to get and I think he has the best chance out of Dez, Diggs, Hopkins to stay in the WR 1 range.
As for Abdullah, I’m interested in what his other RB’s are. With the running back position in higher demand than WR, you might be able to get more value for fournette, especially if the other owner is really hurting for a RB that he can guarantee start every week.

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Diggs is a good target, but I think you can get a lot more for a work horse RB. They’re rare.


Heck no. I like Diggs, but Fournette is a stud. I typically don’t want to trade a top RB for a top WR. RB1s are more valuable than WR1s because there aren’t many of them


So do you think I should just try to get a wr for demarcco?

That’s a better avenue in my opinion. Murray hasn’t looked great except for that long run this season. Also, except for last year, Murray has been one of the most injury prone RBs in the league. I think you can get more value for him than he’s worth


I think I’m gonna put murray out there and see if anyone is high on him, thanks for the advice everyone! :smiley:

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To be honest I thought about that before I made my reply, I feel like demarco has a capable running back behind him that could potentially take some of his work load. Where fournette and Gordon are really the only guys in their backfield. You have 3 starting RB’s on your team, so you have the luxury of being able to shop around and see where you can get the best value. Find the guy who had DJ or Montgomery as their RB 1 and see if you can really capitalize on the value you have on your roster. You could probably get an RB2 and WR2 for demarco and Ginn if you really shopped around.


if you manage to get 2 startable players out of the trade you wouldn’t have to worry about streaming your flex anymore.

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Awesome point! I’ll definitely look around my league to see who is needy

Bleacher report just notified me that Montgomery’s rib injury isn’t as serious as they thought and he might play against Dallas. If the Montgomery owner is on full tilt you might be able to get Montgomery and a quality WR just for demarco. If you gotta throw in ginn it would be no big deal. And then you might have a starting RB1/High RB2 back in a few weeks. You’ve got enough depth that you could afford to wait till he comes back.

I’ll give that a try but I’m actually facing the Ty owner this week so I’ll wait for after monday