Trade Offer - Jordan Howard for Sterling Shepard

Would you trade Jordan Howard for Sterling Shepard in 0.5 PPR? I have a lot of running back depth and Shepard is a perfect fill in replacement for Landry and John Brown with great matchups on their bye weeks.

Thanks for the help Ballers


I would try to get a bit more than Shepard. He is only a small tier above average waiver wire fair.

I’m inclined to agree but any ideas of who? Trying to get a good WR for Week 10/11 and plug and play going forward if necessary. I just realized I can’t trade for Shepard because I’d be giving him Jordan Howard against Buffalo for his running back’s bye week AND the week he plays me.

Without research… someone in the range of Tyler Boyd. Higher upside on better offense.

Yeah I tried for him, unfortunately a no go. But good thinking.