Trade Offer Kamara for Bell and Golladay

I am the Kamara owner and have Mixon and James White also. Not sure if this is worth the coin toss on if Bell returns any thoughts?
12 team PPR

Depends on your currently standing in the league and what your WR depth looks like.

Second Place 3 -2
Adams, edelman, cole, enunwa, Sheppard and Agholor

Probably not. I’d rather lock in the production from Kamara for weeks 7-8.

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Agreed, Kamara is a known asset with great production while we need to better understand what Bell’s role will be when he comes back… What if it takes him 1-2 games to “get right” after not playing? Now you’re looking even deeper into the season to begin to yield benefits of Bell… What if it’s more of a time share (70/30, maybe even 60/40) when Conner eats into Bell’s touches?

This is definitely a risk and IMO, is more likely than not. If you look at last year, it was the same thing. Took him like 3-4 weeks before becoming the stud that he is. It’s tough for any player to miss an entire off season and training and show up, learn the playbook and get into NFL gamespeed shape. So if bell comes back week 8 after bye, you may be looking at week 10 before he is truly that #1 RB caliber

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Appreciate the input and advice guys thanks!!