Trade offer Kelce

Got a trade offer this morning. I trade Leonard Fournette and Greg Olsen for Travis Kelce. I feel like this is a good trade for me but I am always worried about trading away a solid rb. My team is

QB: Jackson and Prescott
RB: bell, Chubb, Fournette, ekeler, Gordon on bench
Wr: woods, Emmanuel Sanders, mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, Dede Westbrook

2 flex positions.

I’d do it you have solid RB’s and Fournette is your 4th best currently. Kelce will give you a top end TE and it’s only a matter of time before Olsen gets injured.

i dont know why anyone would trade kelce but if they are trying to trade him for that by all means go for it

I’d do it. Kelce is locked & loaded. Fournette gets his volume, but his production is usually ugly. He might have one or two boom games, but you can count on Kelce to produce week to week more. I’d do it & look to take a flier on a RB lottery ticket on waivers.

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