Trade Offer- Kerryon Johnson for Sony Michel and Matt Breida?

Was recently offered Sony Michel and Breida or Kenjon Barber for my Kerryon Johnson. I believe Kerryon is on the way up, and a part of me says to keep him, but a part of me says Michel is too good to say no to. With his injury would you have any concerns? Would you do this trade?
12 team 1/2 PPR League
Here’s the rest of my roster:


Dalvin Cook
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Latavius Murray
Chris Thompson
Dion Lewis

Jordan Reed
Jared Cook

Brandin Cooks
AJ Green
Sammy Watkins

If you feel you can handle Michel being out for 2 weeks, do it. Michel has one thing going for him that makes him 10x better than Kerryon- He gets many many opportunities at the goal line.

Blount is the goal line guy in Detroit and it doesnt seem like they will go away from that. So unless Kerryon gets a lot of yards or takes one to the house, he will simply not be as good as Michel.

Help me out @MikeMeUpp

I think it’s a fair trade and would consider it based upon your current record and standing in the league. Michel has his role in NE and Breida could be a decent week to week start late season if he gets healthy, so if you can pull out wins or take a few losses for a few weeks it might be good. If you need wins now I’d keep Kerryon.

If you truly believe that Sony is better than Kerryon and you can survive until he gets back then it looks like you have the depth to handle it. Personally, I don’t like the RB situation in Detroit with Blount vulturing TDs as @KWagentfromCT already mentioned. I will however admit I LOVE the wayward son [thank you Brett Kollmann and Jason for hyping me into a frenzy].

I’m not too concerned about Sony’s knee since he just needs time and the Patriots are willing to give it to him. You also get to pick up a piece like Breida who has been a borderline terminator this season.

Hope this helps!

I’m 5-2 right now, sitting at second place but the league is pretty close. My concern would be having too many injured players with Dalvin, Michel, and Breida. @jqdinh37

Thanks! Totally understand, I too love Kerryon my wayward son, he’s an amazing RB, just hate that the lions don’t let him break loose with Blount there. I think I might take it, my one and only concern is having too many injured players like mentioned in my other comment, but do y’all think I still have good depth?

So 5-2 is a pretty good record considering you’re carrying Dalvin Cook’s carcass into 3rd quarter of the season and you were without Ingram to start the season.

Your depth really depends on how you feel about Murray/Lewis/Thompson being able to fit with Ingram while you wait for the rest of your team to get healthy. Once they are healthy though, you look strong to finish the season assuming Cook returns to form and gets the volume he was supposed to get.

I feel pretty confident in them, I hope Breida can return to form soon too.
I’m just trying to decide who’s better ROS, Kerryon or Michel. It’s a tough choice.