Trade Offer Montgomery/Jacobs

Hey Footclan and bonjour from Germany,

I could use some opinions to decide on a trade offer. Iam in a Full PPR redraft league and was offered Josh Jacobs for my David Montgomery.
Iam split, on one hand I really like Montgomery, but with Cohen on the team targets will be limited, but the Bears should be running more because of their better defense and run first approach.
On the other hand, Jacob could be a 3 down back and catch a lot more then Montgomery, which helps in PPR, but with the uncertainty how good/bad the Raiders will be (and I lean to bad), it has to be seen how much they can/will run the ball.
Plus I have also Cohen on the team which makes me more open to trade Montgomery.

My other RBs:
Kerryon Johnson

What would you guys do?
Trade yes/no?
Then keep Jacobs or try to trade him for a better WR 3 option then Pettis/Williams/MVS?
Who has more trade value for you, Montgomery or Jabos?

Thank you for all your opinions and help :slight_smile:
Have a great fantasy season!

I would do the deal because Montgomery is in a timeshare with Cohen, Cohen is a very good receiver out of the backfield and Jacobs is a three down back. I think that Jacobs has more trade value, but I would prefer to trade Mack or Cohen for a WR upgrade if possible.

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