Trade offer, need help

Need help if I should accept this trade or not. In a 10 man PPR league.

For RB’s I have Bell, Carson, Ingram, Ekeler, and Henderson. I’m being offered Melvin Gordon for Ingram. If Gordon doesn’t play then trade obviously sucks.


Thank you!

Absolutely would not take this trade. Too much unknown, and Ekeler has value even if gordon returns

Who are your WRs?

WR’s are. Hill, Godwin, Boyd, Samuel, and Kirk.

TE is Kelce

I would do it. I would start Bell, Carson and probably Ekeler over Ingram. Gordon isn’t really helping himself by holding out this season.

I wouldn’t do it, I don’t think Gordon will play this season until week 10

nice stash though, id pull the trigger on this