Trade offer, OBJ for David Mopportunity do I accept?

Half point PPR league. Should I wait a week to see how well Montgomery does?

You get obj? If so absolutely take this, if not absolutely not


I say keep the Opportunity. OBJ is no doubt a fantastic WR but there are a lot of weapons and targets to go around in Cleveland. Not to mention that OBJ doesn’t usually play a full season and he’s now in a division known for a much more physical style of play. I say keep DM and let OBJ alone.

Yes, I would get OBJ. My running backs right now are David Johnson, Chris Carson and DM.

I agree and I would lose my running back depth as well thats why I’m concerned about this trade

I honestly dont even get how this is a question obj is worth so much more you could get him and trade for like dalvin cook if you wanted. Am i missing something?


lmfao. The fact that someone even had to make a post asking this questions shows how overvalued Montgomery is right now. Wait a week? The only thing you’ll get from waiting a week is OBJ lighting it up while montgomery shows what he is. An average RB in a shitty class. Smash accept.


DO the trade you have good rb depth now you’ll have a top 5 wr aswell

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I went heavy rbs early n all drafts and I wouldn’t give up the depth for anything. Wrs come and go and most wire pickups are gana b wr and tight ends. Ull b fine

Bears will rely on defensive and the run game to slow games down, that’s their in. Cohen isint gana grind game clock down. Browns got a bunch of mouths to feed too.

I’ve got Juju, Cooks, Dede and shepard for WR as well

I like Montgomery as much as the next guy but you need to take OBJ and run. You have two solid RBs and could always flip juju/obj if you got into trouble.

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You’d be able to start Juju, OBJ, David Johnson and Chris Carson?? Please take that trade immediately.


“More mouths to feed” typically benefits the number 1 guy bc it draws coverage away from him. It’ll be tough to double cover OBJ when you gotta worry about Njoku and Juice too


Imagine thinking you can get someone like OBJ off waivers


Absolutely. I like RB depth but you wont ever get this trade in a few weeks

If you get OBJ run and smash accept now!

Grab it if you get OBJ for sure!

I accepted and ran. Glad I did especially after last nights game

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Nice work.