Trade offer on the table with R. Freeman and Lat Murray

I just got an offfer I am seriously considering. I get R. Freeman and David Moore out of Sea and I give up Lat Murray.

Starting Rb: Zeke(for now), DJ, Howard/Lat Murr

Some might disagree, but I’d say no. Latavius Murray could be an absolute monster if Dalvin Cook goes down (which is a fairly real possibility).

It’s close either way.

Murray is on the Saints now. But I agree, I would still want the Murray side. He is still going to be valuable behind Kamara

I’m at a toss up here. I like Moore but Seattle doesn’t throw much and I think Freeman is a better player than Murray. Both appear to be in situations where even if they are part of a 1a, 1b duo they will have value. Moore is a throw in so it’s basically Freeman for Murray and even though Lat. isn’t as good I think he’s in a way better situation offensively. I’d probably stick with Saint’s O too.