Trade Offer: One of my QBs and Jordy for Green and Lions D

2 QB League. I was offered AJ Green and the Lions D for Jordy and one of my QBs:

My team is:
QBs: Dak, Wentz, Watson
RBs: Fournette, McCaffrey, Kamara, Gore
WRs: Jordy, Evans, Hogan, Fitz
TE: Gronk, Engram

Wentz has a bye coming up in Week 10, so I’m leaning towards him if anyone. Thoughts?

Edit: I should also add that I’m 8-0 and this is 0.5 PPR. The reason I’m interested in this is I don’t see a point to having 3 QBs that all seem match-up proof and I’m skeptical of Jordy with Hundley.