Trade Offer PPR (Urgent)

I am 1-5 they are 4-2

I am giving


Sony Michel
Josh Gordon

My Team is

Big Ben, Bortles
Kupp Woods Godwin (Just lost Enunwa)
Yeldon Bell Breida Ekeler Smallwood
Olsen Rudolph Howard

Just my openion but why do you have 3TEs??? Throw one of those guys in the trade and keep any of those three you have in your deal.

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I can literally not get rid of any of them for the life of me been desperately trying to make them a throw in

If I am 4-2 why would I even want this deal? Sony is likely to put up ball park numbers to Bell rest of the season if Conner eats into his work load at all.

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This person is hype on Bell (Said yesterday that the day Bell returns his ROS is higher than Gurley).

So I decided given my state 1-5 with the absolute pile of crap of a team above, I needed to hunt for a trade with this guy since He values Bell a lot higher than I think the average person does. That being said he randomly got a second owner this week who will probably tell him not to do it.

I have no idea what to do with this team at this point so.

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Ya I think you might as well do it you can’t really afford to wait around for Bell

Looks good to me if you can get it.