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Trade offer received


Just got offered CMC and OJ Howard for Ertz and Conner. What do you guys think?

My roster is RB stacked with Kamara, Ingram, Conner, Cook, And Kerryon. WRs are Theilen, JuJu, Boyd and Edelman.

I could probably afford to lose a few points at TE. Maybe counter offer Dalvin and Ertz for CMC and Howard? Or just leave it how it is? I’m currently 5-1.


Yes yes yes. Conner will be irrelevant. Ertz is good but you are getting CMC and Howard. You could trade Howard aaay for a TE.


Sorry I should have been more specific. OJ Howard now Jordan lol.


Oh yeah still take that. OJ is good and a top 5 TE imo. I’d take CMC over Conner ROS easily


Espexially is this is PPR


Yes it’s PPR


Take that Rn. But you can push it a little. If he offered to you he probably would be willing to give a little more. Wouldn’t be bad to push him a little


How about counter offering Dalvin and Ertz for those two? He seems to have hamstring of glass lol.


I would say ask for more on his part. Not less on your part.


He’s got Barkley, CMC, Golladay, Woods, Tate, mccoy, Mack, Corey Davis, drake and Coutee. How would you counter?


Made try adding Tate?