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Trade offer: Rodgers for


Just got offered A. Rodgers and D. Jackson for AJ Green. It’s tempting, but its a 3 WR .5ppr league. I already lost A. Robinson, but I have Fitzgerald, Hilton, Maclin and Hurns on the bench. I’ve also been streaming a QB with Luck on my bench. I’m leaning no to the trade.


You gain or lose rodgers? if you lose rodgers then no. if you gain then yes. you could always wait until after this blow up that green has coming.


Thanks. I would get Rodgers and Jackson and give up Green.


Who are your other starting receivers?


Fitzgerald, Hilton, Maclin and Hurns


I would hold green. Who knows when luck is going to be back and I don’t trust Hilton until Luck is back. I wouldn’t give up the depth unless you really need a quarterback because Jackson isn’t going to be a reliable wr every week.