Trade Offer (Sutton for Mattison)

Hey guys I am being offered Courtland Sutton for Alexander Mattison. I am not the Dalvin Cook owner but the person making the offer is. Should I accept it?

No. Sutton is a low end WR2 and you would be get a guy who gets you little unless Cook gets hurt.

I think you have it backwards the Cook owner is coming to him for the handcuff I think. In which case giving mattison to get Sutton is all good in my book. Assuming you need the WR if not holding another handcuff is risky but could be really worth it with cooks injuries

Then yes, get Sutton.

yes that is the trade offer - I would be getting Sutton. I do need WR help actually. Thank you for the advice!

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thank you!

Then this is the ideal type trade to make it helps both parties and your getting the better of the value

they also offered Allen Robinson - so I can get either Robinson or Sutton

100% Sutton


cool thanks! I never posted in here before but its a cool feature! Thanks for commenting!