Trade offer - Tate for Allison and Freeman

My team has been decimated by injuries (Cook, Fournette, Baldwin, and Breida) in a 14 team STD league. I have golden Tate on bye and my remaining running backs are Eckler and Henry. I received an offer of Allison and Royce Freeman for Tate. Is it worth it considering I still have Baldwin and Keenan Allen.

Do you start 3 wr?

2RB, 2WR, Flex

Tate is pretty valuable in a 14 team league it being standard makes it a little worse. With him and Allen you have two guys that could end the year WR1. Allison has looked good but honestly if you are just trying to get through this week then I would roll with Eckler and Henry. Freeman isn’t likely to get you more poitns than Henry right now with him getting less than 10 touches per game. It doesn’t really help you much.