Trade offer thoughts

I had an offer and I was wondering everyone’s thoughts. I was offered Cooks and Evans for Gurley and JJ Nelson. What are your opinions on the move? Thanks!

Its a standard league.

Depends on your depth at RB. But in General, RB is much more valuable than WR ( especially in standard). I don’t like trading a RB without getting at least 1 in return. I’d lean towards not making the trade unless you’ve got a lot of good depth at RB and are hurting for WR’s

It depends on the rest of your team but I would def look to move Gurley. He has a brutal stretch coming up here soon and while it is not impossible for him to get you some points during that stretch, if I could move him for some value I would.

Cook not cooks. It’s Dalvin Cook sorry for the mistype.

I would do this immediately

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