Trade offer to me

I was curious about everyone’s thoughts on a trade offer I got in my home league (.5 ppr): I send Stefon Diggs and get back Julio Jones, Elijah Mitchell and Jeff Wilson (to IR). I have Adams, Robinson, AB, Devonta, and Crowder but RBs are Fournette, Conner, Murray and Assman. Do you all think this is enough for Diggs? Thx

I would not. As of today, you would be dropping from ROS WR3 to WR28 and the hope that someone takes over the backfield in SF. I think you can do much better, at RB, for Diggs.
I like to send out multiple trade offers to different teams, where I fee I am the clear winner and would be happy with someone accepting. Maybe someone bites or at least counters.

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Thanks, That is the way i am leaning as well, just doesn’t feel like enough for Diggs.

Agreed, you want more for Diggs, especially since Mitchell and Wilson may not even be worth playing much ROS.