Trade offer yes or no

I’m being offered Brees/Gurely

For Mixon/JuJu/Stafford

Full ppr league

who are your other wide receivers? If you have decent depth, id take this in a heart beat

depends on the depth of your team, particularly at WR. if JuJu is your 1, then no. but if he’s your 2, then maybe. It’s still a fairly steep price to pay, but you would feel comfortable starting brees every week ROS, and Gurley is either going to finish as the #1 or #2 back.

My other roster

Wr-Marvin jones
G Allison


I dont think you can take this trade. You are struggling at WR without Juju. I would try and finesse a two for one trade with like funchess and crabtree coming off big weeks so that you can grab a WR2. Im guessing you had some injuries or something because your team is pretty weak unless you are in a 16 man league or something crazy above that. I think trading for a better WR (cooks is a good player to target), would help a lot. I think the best you can hope for is that Conner and Bell both thrive when Bell returns and is similar to Kamara Ingram! Good Luck

i would take it in a heartbeat you can find wr on the wire but gurley this could win you your leauge ’

a single RB can’t make up for the loss of his only WR1, and even then JuJu is still technicly a “low end” WR1.

If he packages him just to get gurley, his RB’s may be fine but he’ll spend every week playing the “which WR do i start” game

Plus, he currently has Mixon, who is still a top 10 play.

He has an RB1, he needs to pair it with a WR1, not upgrade his RB1 to a slightly better RB1