TRADE OFFER: Zeke for Cook & Ingram

Hey guys,
I’m in a keeper league and got an offer for Zeke. The guy is offering Dalvin Cook & Mark Ingram.

Should I take it?

My other RBs are Melvin Gordon, Sony Michel, Derrick Henry, and Carlos Hyde.

Nope. Both Cook and Ingram are top 5 RB’s right now. I get that Zeke is #1, but it’s not like he is a huge upgrade on Cook right now. If you really wanted Zeke you could see if he would do Cook and Michel, but I don’t know if I would do that either. Cook looks like a beast, and if he can stay healthy, will be a top 3 back, and I wouldn’t be looking to trade him.

Think he is giving Zeke. I would do this deal.

Yes - I’d take Dalvin & Ingram for Zeke. If (big if) Dalvin stays healthy, he’s almost the equal to Zeke.

Ah yes missed that. In that case I would do it, for the reasons I listed haha