Trade Offer! Zeke for Hopkins straight up?

Half-ppr, dynasty. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, and 1 Flex.

I have Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones, Devonta Freeman, Damien Williams, and Derius Guice as my other backs. My WRs are Davante Adams, Julian Edelman, Tyler Boyd, Courtland Sutton, and Larry Fitz.

The holdout makes me nervous for this season.

More than likely Zeke will report. If I remember correctly, Zeke would not be a free agent next year and would likely end up being in the same situation. He is two years away from a contract extension. The Cowboys picked up his fifth year option for 2020. He’ll have to report by Aug 6th to get an accrued season towards free agency. Completely different situation than Bell. Zeke wants his money.

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I mean long term having a base of Hopkins and Adams as your WR 1/2 would be amazing. Zeke probably will report but I remember lots of people saying that about Bell last year. It’s a different situation, yes, but the same concept. The fact it’s a 3 WR league too, even if Zeke didn’t have the holdout risk I would probably make this trade with the other backs you have.

I would try to get something else to go along with hopkins

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