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Trade Offer?


A guy in my home league is willing to trade me Deshaun Watson. He is low on running backs and talked about willing to trade for that position. I have Hunt, Collins, Burkhead, D Henry, Kerryon, Hines, and Aaron Jones. I was thinking of offering 2 of Collins/Burkhead/Henry. Wondering your thoughts on the potential trade offer. The league is 10 team, keeper, .5ppr. My other qb is Newton.


I’m probably passing unless I get a sweet deal for it. I prefer Cam to Watson anyways so no point rostering 2 top QBs. I’d rather keep your guys and upgrade other skill positions. If he’s super desparate and trades you Watson for like Burkhead + hines or something, then sure. Otherwise, I’d stick to what you have. Can never have too much depth at RB.


Hard pass Newton >>>>>>> Winston, and rostering a 2nd QB is unnecessary, whereas RB depth is not.


Agree that I’m not giving up much in the way of RB value for a QB. Your QB situation isn’t going to be much (if at all) improved by this move regardless of how little you have to give up to do it. I’m not giving up more than Burkhead/Hines mentioned above for it and even at that, I’ll want a low end RB back from him along with Watson.