Trade offered to me for CMC, should I take?

Josh Jacobs, AJ Brown, 2021 rookie 1st and may be willing to add in Tua. All if I give CMC. Dynasty Superflex PPR league. I’m pretty well set to repeat championship already.

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if he is willing to do that he will also at the end of the season. win your championship and decide if its time to re-build.

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Good point

Personally if you can get Jacobs, AJ Brown, a first and Tua in a superflex league, I’d take that deal and run. Won’t get a better overpay.

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I love that offer. He is obviously overpaying but that’s what you do with CMC. You can still make a run at the championship with Jacobs and Brown, but I agree, this same deal may still be there at the end of the year.
What I would do is image your team without CMC and see how you feel about your chances on making the playoffs. If you think you can make it without CMC, pull the trigger on this trade. If your only hope of making the playoffs relies strongly on CMC, then keep him for now. Good Luck!

I think I’d be ok without But McCaffrey is definitely by far the talent in my backfield, I have Prescott, Daniel Jones, and Tannehill as my QBs. I have Carson, Mostert, Dobbins, as my main talent behind in running back so fairly shaky. But I’m strong on WR with my starters being Hopkins, Julio, Thielen. Have some decent young talent. Jacobs gives me high upside still being young and not having gotten the workload CMC has

In general I like the single star over the multiple talented pieces of a trade, as they can define a lineup and you can potentially make up the missing pieces…but I don’t think I’m on that side this time. I don’t know if Jacobs will ever have the single beast season like CMC, but I do believe he can be an RB1 for a team. Jacobs is looking like a RB1 for at minimum his’ rookie contract, Brown and Tua have chances to be top talents at their positions, and you can try for another star next year. I think this league mate is overpaying, and you should take it.

As Alcom83 said you can try to wait until after the season, but it is a risky play. CMC has a new head coach and QB, and you don’t know what that will mean for his’ season. While I fully believe CMC will remain a RB1, I also feel a drop in productivity can lead to this deal not being as sweet at the end of the year.

Take this deal. CMC is a stud, but you are getting good players back and building for the future. This is a no brainer.

I also don’t understand the wait til after the season remark. You are assuming CMC keeps his value, which he is likely to, but injury or regression are not uncommon in fantasy and can happen fast. Think of where Todd Gurley was a couple of years ago.

Additionally, Jacobs and Brown are both big time breakout candidates. Each could be first round picks next year. No one would make you this offer at the end of the year if they breakout. So if you believe in those players, which I think you do or you wouldn’t be asking, you accept this deal.

Thanks everyone. He actually retracted and took the 1st rounder out of it but it still seems like a value.