Trade offered to me in Half PPR

I was offered Keenan Allen and Marlon Mack for Mike Evans and Tyreek Hill? Its half point PPR

Unless you are hurting at the RB position I would say keep Evans and Hill.

Kinda, I have Conner and Mixon but never know what I’m gonna get from them.

That’s true. In regards to the running backs I can only imagine Pitt leaning on Conner more now that Rudolph has entered the concussion protocol and are on their third string QB and Samuels is out with a knee injury. Mixon has also had pretty decent volume so that is promising. In regards to the wide receivers I think having Evans and Hill will have a greater season long upside than Allen and whoever else you pair him with outside of a top 15 WR (which I’m imagining is who would be in your WR2 spot).

Team before trade. I made some good trades this season to acquire this team.

Rb: Conner, Mixon, Mccoy, hyde, Jones II

Wr: Julio, Evans, T. Hill, Golladay, Fuller

Yeah I did not expect you to have Julio as well. That makes me swing the other way.

I think Mack and Allen wins this trade by a long shot in the first place. Allen and Mack have been studs all year. Evans is super frustrating to own and Hill will certainly be a stud when he returns, but he has always been boom/busty.

I’d smash accept that all day!

Yeah I’d take that deal. Got a target machine in Allen and Mack is behind one of if not the best olines in the league

Yeah I made the trade… Gracias everybody